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Ride with Gauchos

Ride with Gauchos

When Fabian met us in the morning to bring us to a small estancia in the Andes near Mendoza, he was wearing a gaucho beret. Like real Argentinean gauchos do, we thought. On the way to the estancia, our trail ride was supposed to start from, he spoke of 3 different ways to preprocess and prepare mate tea. Our companion definitely knew how to do things the way gauchos do them.

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Kayak Adventure in the North of Russia

Kayak Adventure in the North of Russia

July 25, 2018 Petrozavodsk, Karelia, Russia On a sunny but cool morning, we jumped out of a train arriving from St Petersburg at a cracked platform in a train station in Petrozavodsk. In spite of the arrangements we had, nobody was waiting for us to bring us to the kayak basecamp, that our 5-day long kayak adventure tour in Russian Karelia was going to start from.

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An Epic Europe Road Trip: Across the Balkans, Cappadocia and the Caucasus with a 4x4

An Epic Europe Road Trip: Across the Balkans, Cappadocia and the Caucasus with a 4x4

A year ago our epic road trip with the Land Rover Defender we had bought from the British Royal Air Force started. It was also the starting point for this blog as it started with a day by day documentation of that trip. We travelled to 12 countries, 11.000 km in 1,5 month. It resulted in a number of adventures, funny stories and wonderful acquaintances we squeezed into ca. 40 blog posts.

Now, a year later, we think of the time spent on the road and evaluate the trip. In this blog post, we want to share the highlights of our trip, name the potential dangers, pros and contras of travelling Eastern Europe, the Balkans, the Caucasus and Turkey by 4x4 and what it was like, to live in a Defender for 6 weeks.

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10 Lessons Learned from Our Road Trip to the Arctic Circle and Beyond - in Russia

10 Lessons Learned from Our Road Trip to the Arctic Circle and Beyond - in Russia

We had an epic time on our road trip to the Arctic Circle, exploring the northern wilderness in the European part of Russia: Karelia and the Kola Peninsular. This part of the world has everything we are fond of: pristine nature and it is far off the beaten path. There is room for both peaceful contemplation and wild adventure.

We are up to summarize our experiences into a series of articles. Maybe it will inspire you to put the Russian North on your bucket list or if it's already in your plans, our stories might provide you with some travel tips and a sample itinerary.

This first post is devoted to the things we learned on this trip: some of them were more or less expected others got us by surprise!

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Norwegian Summer Houses: Living Off the Grid

Norwegian Summer Houses: Living Off the Grid

Shortly after we crossed the Swedish-Norwegian border and had made our way to the mountains of the Langsua National Park, we spotted small – almost tiny – wooden cabins with roofs covered with grass and moss. They perfectly blended into the surrounding nature! I felt that I wanted to stay at one of those cabins forever.

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Patagonia Off the Beaten Path

Patagonia Off the Beaten Path

If you have been to Torres del Paine, Patagonia’s most famous national park, you know how crowded this place might get: mountains of multicolored backpacks, fully booked campings, dozens of trekkers who watch the sunrise at Mirador. However, there are some stunning places in Patagonia off the beaten path along the Chilean Carretera Austral. They are no less beautiful than Torres del Paine and way less crowded.

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Living Off the Grid in Ethiopia

Living Off the Grid in Ethiopia

A trail ride in Ethiopia was like being sucked into a time warp: clay huts next to the rivers, donkeys and horses gathering by the streams to drink water. No electricity, no cell phones. The way it was 3000 years ago. Living off the grid. No doubt we loved it.

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