Horse Riding in Myanmar

Myanmar is not the first country that comes to one's mind when it comes to riding holidays. But horses have been known in central dry and hot parts of Myanmar for a long time.

Horseback Riding in Myanmar

Travelling in Myanmar, we went on horseback trips twice: at the Inle Lake and in Bagan. From our video footage of the horse trips, you may get an impression of what the rides were like. In the short annotation to the videos, we will tell you how to organize the rides, the price, horses etc.

Inle Lake

Horseback riding is a good way to diversify your stay at the Inle Lake, to see something else beyond houses on the water and the fishermen with their huge traps. You get to explore tobacco and banana plantations, see tobacco drying, pass by villages and pagodas.

We organized our trip with Inle Horse Club. A two-hour ride would cost you 35$. You may organize it a day in advance. They will also pick you up and bring you back to your hotel. The horses we had are a breed of Mongolian Horses, they are in a good shape and seemed to be taken good care of. An open-air veranda of the Inle Horse Club restaurant is a good place to chill after your ride, enjoy a beautiful view of the lake and the hills, and try the local cuisine.


Bagan is full of horse carts, however, when we asked around, whether we could find any horse for horseback riding in Bagan, a horse was organized within the next few minutes. It had a fancy bridle and a bright-color blanket. It was also a small horse, the local horses are rather small.

Riding among ancient temples is just mind-blowing – and we made some cool pictures and videos. There are plenty of unpaved roads and small paths you may use for trotting and galloping – horses are used to people and bikes and don’t get scared.

The price: They charged us 12 Eur for an hour.

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