Berlin to Georgia – Day 4: Lonely beach in Croatia

The warm Adriatic Sea and the exquisite coastline of Opatija – a former Austrian aristocrat resort – certainly repay visitors for any inconvenience involved in getting or staying there. In our case finding a parking spot turned out to be such an inconvenience – we drove backwards and forwards the whole morning, looking for a free place to park – we did finally find something at a supermarket – luckily the gate was broken and we could park for as long as we wanted to! Without our Gnu, we strolled around the streets of Opatija. I liked what I saw very much.

It’s architecture even reminded me of Empire style to some extent. The port of Opatija with its yachts looked posh and pretentious which I am less fond of but I suppose I like things much better while they are new to me. To give you an idea – here is a San Tropez inspired restaurant by the port.

adriatic sea at opatija croatia
Adriatic Sea at Opatija
volosko fishing village in croatia
Volosko - a fishing village in Croatia
cat in volosko
One of the numerous cats of Volosko

The small town of Volosko nearby used to be a fisher village and has a more relaxed vibe. But there is definitely a lot to see in the North of Croatia – a thing I realized when we drove further south. On that day we managed to find not only some pretty towns – a frequent occurrence in Croatia – but a lonely virgin beach – something that is as hard to spot as Nessie at Loch Ness or King Arthur's Sword. Should you find yourself nearby - here is its location:

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