Berlin to Georgia – Day 13, 14: From Macedonia to Turkey

We drive through Greece and discover some empty beaches...

The other villages that we visited in the morning were not as nice as Malovishte but another borek kept our spirit high throughout the day. We spent the rest of the Macedonian money for gasoline as it is so much cheaper in Macedonia than in the countries ahead. The day consisted pretty much of driving and driving across Greece and drinking frappés - they are so good in Greece! An unknown man in a café gave us some peaches out of the blue – somehow we are always getting fed in Greece. In the afternoon we arrived at Paralia Ofriniou. One thing came as a genuine surprise –

there is an empty sand beach there one could also spend the night at. An empty beach in Greece in summer!

In the evening we went further east to the Turkish border (to Alexandroupoli), and there were some empty beaches there as well!

This combines both points into one!
A beach in Alexandroupoli, by Dimsis Samothraki

On day 14 we were already in Turkey! The border crossing was the longest so far, the soldiers with their guns were standing on both sides of the road making one feel like a criminal for wanting to cross the border.

Traffic soon started to slow down and by the time we were in Istanbul, it was stop-and-go. A Defender isn't the best car for cities so we parked it somewhere and continued exploring Istanbul by means of public transport.

We stayed in Istanbul for two nights before continuing onward to Cappadocia which we will write about in the next chapter.

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