Berlin to Georgia – Day 34-39: Kiev

Kiev has a laid-back vibe which I suppose is a nice for a big busy city – there is lots of parks and benches to chill out, the large churchyards and monasteries also help create some quiet places. We spent a week in Kiev and certainly enjoyed our time! Now, we compiled a list of our favourite places and experiences that may help you plan your stay in Kiev and not to miss the best of it! Continue reading “Berlin to Georgia – Day 34-39: Kiev”

Berlin to Georgia – Day 29-34: The ferry from Poti to Chernomorsk

A part of our roadrip through the Balkans, the Caucasus and Eastern Europe with an old army LR Defender was actually a seaway from Poti, Georgia, to Chernomorsk, Ukraine.

Arriving on Saturday wasn’t the most fortunate time to organize a ferry from Poti to Chernomorsk. Still, research had to be done and it turned out there were two ferries going to Chernomorsk within the next two days.
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