Perfect Sicily Itinerary - Off the Beaten Path

Sicily is one of the most popular places to travel to. Going to Sicily, you'd better be prepared to share this paradise island with other folks. But if you don't want to run with the crowds there are still some less famous but not less beautiful places off the beaten track in Sicily. We combined them into an itinerary!

Land in Palermo, spend a day exploring quirky streets of the town.

Sicily itinerary
Sicily itinerary

The next day, head to the Zingaro Reserve famous for its spectacular beaches and hiking trails. It may get busy during the tourist season, but if you decide to take a long (a day-long!) trail over the reserve, you are sure to escape the crowds.

To visit Zingaro, you may stay at Agave Scopello and enjoy a beautiful view over the sea. The house fits perfectly into surrounding nature.

Sicily itinerary
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Your next stop is Caltabelotta. Caltabelotta is a really charming little town: the houses nestling close to each other, the narrow streets leading up to the old church with a wonderful view over the roofs of the town. And the people of Caltabelotta are extremely friendly. Some grannies invited us for a glass of wine and their home-made pastries!


Stay either in the town itself, at family owned Bed and Breakfast Sotto le Stelle or in the countryside, in a traditional house La casa del sole. You will wall in love in its terrace with a panoramic view.

Caltabelotta is also a great base for hikes. Here you may choose one of the many routes. The Scicani Natural Reserve located close to the town is another great place for hiking and horseback riding.


Both Caltabelotta and the area around it are not overrun, but you do meet some fellow travellers here. Since we were keen to find a part of Sicily not touched by tourism we rented a wonderful farmhouse to the north of Caltabelotta. Its old furniture and cutlery, a scenic location on the top of the hill and a breathtaking view over the valley and windmills, made our 'farmstay' to one of the highlights of this Sicily itinerary.

Agirigento is not really off the beaten path but it may be a good idea to make a break there - especially if you are interested in ancient ruins and archaeological sights. The temples of Agrigento are mindblowing but the town itself is rather plain. If possible, book your accommodation for the night somewhere else.

Sicily itinerary

If you are not in a rush, head to Enna for a day or two: the old town towering above the surrounding countryside is sure to leave a long-lasting impression on you. You will enjoy great views both driving to Enna and exploring the town.

Where to stay in Enna? B&B Domus Enna would be our first choice.

Sicily itinerary

Next, head to Madonie Park. This part of Sicily has a lot to offer: not very tall, but really scenic mountains and sleepy traditional villages to the south of Madonie. You may choose to stay either in one of the historic village towns or in one of the atmospheric villas in the countryside.

Fill your days with walking through the cobblestone streets of Petralia Soprana, Petralia Sottana, Gangi, Polizzi Generosa, Alimena ...

Go trekking in Madonie Park, the paths are easy to recognize and treks are easy.

Where to stay? Cas'Antica Soprana has beautifully decorated rooms, friendly staff and low rates. Price /quality rate is generally great in this part of Sicily. If you are looking for a peaceful retreat in the beautiful Madonie mountains L'Antico Casale would be a great choice for you!

A great tip for foodies: Take a walk through the green hills near Geraci and finish the day in the family-run taverna on Via Nazionale. Their owners barely speak English - another sign that this taverna lies beyond the main tourist routes - and they make incredible antipasti and pasta according to family recipes.

A village close to Madonie Park
A village close to Madonie Park

Naturally, it is still a good idea to head to just one of the places we wrote about in this post, if you are short on time.

Have you been to Sicily? What other great but quiet places can you recommend?

Sicily itinerary
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