Berlin to Georgia – Day 29: Poti, Georgia

Ureki beach on the Black Sea coast in Georgia might be one of the nicest beaches near Poti...

In the morning we came down from the mountains to the hot and humid coast of the Black Sea. We devoted the morning to organize the shipment of our beloved Gnu to Ukraine - Balti will speak about it in detail in the next post.

In the afternoon we drove down the coast to the south and stayed at Ureki beach with its black volcanic sand. The pine forests at the coast mesmerized me to such extent that I only noticed the trash lying around in the evening – love makes blind! We unpacked our Vietnamese hammocks and hung them between the pine trees, opened our favourite Georgian wine and some Borjomi healing water we were in the habit of drinking and thought back of all the wonderful things that had happened to us in Georgia and on the way there.

the beach at ureki has black sands and a pine forest

The next day meant parting – Balti was supposed to accompany Gnu on the ferry and I was supposed to take a train to Tbilisi and then take a flight to Kiev where we were to be reunited. I wanted to fly from Tbilisi to Kiev in order to save some time and spend it with my mother and Balti opted for taking the ferry from Poti to Odessa to also save time otherwise spent driving around the black sea.

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