Where to See the Berlin Wall in Berlin?

Once upon a time in Paris, I was idly examining a map of the city. Having spotted “Place de la Bastille” in the network of the streets, I immediately put it on my Paris itinerary: I was curious what this old prison I knew from numerous books by Alexandre Dumas looks like now. It turned out it looks like nothing – not a single trace of it survived the French Revolution.

With the Berlin Wall, things are different. There are some remnants of it spread over Berlin. In order to help you choose which historical sites of the Berlin Wall to visit on your next trip to Berlin, we made a list of the most interesting still standing parts of the Berlin Wall and will tell you what is so peculiar about it.
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Trekking Gear 2018

Since the trekking season is approaching it is a good time to take inventory of our trekking and camping gear: We will use some things from the previous years, buy some new ones after thorough research and put some great items on our wish list. In any case, a great price-quality ratio is something we are taking into consideration when buying trekking gear.
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Hierve el Agua – One of the Most Instagram Worthy Places in Mexico

Hierve el Agua is definitely one of the top locations to see in Oaxaca and may even be one of the reasons to visit the south of Mexico – even if only to make another picture of the water pools ending abruptly into the sky. In this post, you will find out what the place is like, how to take the best pictures of Hierve el Agua and how you may get there on a budget.
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