About us

guini and balti riding in the forest

We are Guini and Balti, a couple based in Berlin, together or on our own we visited well over 60 countries and there is still many more to see – but do not misjudge – our aim is not to see as many places as possible, to set some kind of world record or impress anybody – over the years travelling has become an important part of our lives, a source of education, a therapy, a way of making good friends and a way of making a change.

Only recently we considered writing a blog, thinking that it is now our turn to share experiences and information which you may need on your trips. Whether you are reading about our adventures in order to get some travel tips, inspiration or simply because you like our writing, having you as a reader makes us more than happy. At the same time, our blog is also an attempt to evaluate our experience by putting it into written form.

What kind of information may you find here? BIG TRIPS ON A SMALL BUDGET Tips from the locals and our first-hand experience are aimed to help you to see more and to spend less. OFF THE BEATEN TRACK We either head to the less travelled parts of the world or choose unbeaten paths while exploring the popular destinations. We are always trying to meet locals and to stay away from mass tourism: doing school exchanges, summer jobs and internships abroad, volunteering, meeting people from Couchsurfing and hospitality club. We love RIDING HORSES, 4x4s and SAILING so there will be a lot about that as well. We will mention the BOOKS and FILMS that inspire us. Soon, we also wish to write about animal shelters and their staff who make this world a better place and Guini would like to give you insights into fair trade ethnic fashion she is an expert in – so that you too may reach out and support local communities thus making a change.

Should our geographic locations coincide please feel free to contact us and we would be happy to meet you for a drink or something. Travel tips or ideas, where to go, what to see and suggestions what we should write about are always appreciated.

Contact us: blog(at)nomadicdays.org